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Family dispute resolution

COUPLES navigating separation and divorce – in partnership or alone – now have an extra layer of support through Centacare’s Family Outreach and Relationships Services.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is helping parties to resolve disputes, as well as make difficult decisions, such as how to co-parent children and divide property.

Education/FDR Services Manager Jeannette Fiegehen says the program provides a practical and often less-stressful and costly way to overcome issues out of court and seek advice.

It also helps couples to protect their parenting relationship and manage the impact of separation and divorce on their children.

“It’s an opportunity for a client, or clients, to identify issues, generate options and receive assistance in making their own decisions,’’ Jeannette said.

“FDR enables clients to be more in control of the outcome and promotes a more respectful end to a relationship, rather than an adversarial and conflicted one.’’

While the program is aimed at separated parents, grandparents can also seek help from FDR mediators.

“A lot of the work is with high conflict people, but sometimes one parent or one party will refuse to come to mediation and that leaves the other one not knowing what to do, and this is where FDR support can be helpful,’’ Jeannette said.

Counselling is not offered as part of the service but clients can be referred for further help and support.

“We always recommend they still get legal advice, but it’s a much less stressful process,’’ Jeannette said.

“It’s an independent and impartial process aimed at enabling both parties to isolate and resolve issues in dispute and reach their goals constructively and, where a child is affected, in the best interests of that child.’’

Celebrating Mabo Day

Today we commemorate Eddie Mabo’s courageous 10-year campaign for recognition of traditional Indigenous land rights.

Mabo spent a decade seeking official recognition of his people’s ownership of Mer island, in the Torres Strait, in a fight that became known as the `Mabo’ case.

On June 3, 1992, the High Court of Australia agreed with Mabo, ruling that Indigenous people had ownership of the land long before European settlement.

The decision marked a turning point for reconciliation in Australia because it acknowledged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique connection with the land.

It also led to the Australian Parliament passing the Native Title Act in 1993 to set out how native title interests are formally recorded and recognised.

We asked John Lochowiak, Manager, Aboriginal Services Adelaide, what the day means to him and why it is seen as a cornerstone of reconciliation.

View the video here.

Mother Blame Fails To Recognise Victim’s Courage

It’s time to change the tone of the public conversation surrounding domestic violence and shift responsibility back where it belongs. Today in The Advertiser, Dale West, Director of Centacare Catholic Family Services, asks why a woman’s strengths in dealing with atrocities are viewed as weaknesses and why “mother blame” must stop.

Read the story here.

Ten Peak Challenge


In one of the more unique challenges a group of Centacare fundraisers will attempt to climb the ten highest Australian mountains in one day in January 2014. Another group have set themselves the task of completing the challenge over three days. The 10 Peak Challenge will support Centacare’s work of providing respite care for young people with an intellectual disability. The ten highest peaks are in the Charlottes Pass to Thredbo region of the Kosciusko National Park, ranging from Carruthers Peak at 2145 metres to Mount Kosciuszko at 2228. While only a few of the mountains pose any climbing difficulties the greatest challenges lie in the distance to be covered, over 60k, and the navigational problems in finding paths to some of the rarely visited peaks.

A team of 30 plus support crew will travel to Thredbo for the week of January 5th to 12th to plan and carry out the challenge. One team member, Peter Hart, has set himself the extraordinary challenge of climbing the top 12 mountains on the date of his 70th Birthday which falls in that week.TenPeak

Donations to Centacare’s Auricht House can be made at the team’s website;  Anyone interested in more information about the 10 Peak challenge, or perhaps about Centacare’s next Kokoda Challenge, can contact Bernie Victory at Centacare on 82108200

Pauline Connelly Awarded Papal Honours

Archbishop Wilson has announced that our Assistant Director Pauline Connelly has been made a “Dame of the Order of St Gregory the Great”.Pauline Connelly

Archbishop Wilson also announced that businessman Graham Spurling has been made a Knight of the Order of St Gregory the Great while Dr Krista Maier would also be made a Dame. He said the awarding of the ancient title was “rare” and on this occasion was particularly significant because they were the first to be granted by Pope Francis.

“The honours acknowledge .. extraordinary Christian leadership,” Archbishop Wilson said.

“Pauline Connelly is one of the most distinguished lay women in the Archdiocese of Adelaide,” Archbishop Wilson said.

Pauline Connelly is highly regarded for her support for migrant and refugees and members of the Aboriginal community as well as for her involvement in developing child protection policies and procedures, and cultural awareness training for counsellors.

The honour signed by Pope Francis will be presented by Archbishop Wilson later in the year.

We offer our congratulations to Pauline for this significant and well deserved honour.

Click the link below for the Press Release:
Papal Honours Press Release

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