Family dispute resolution

COUPLES navigating separation and divorce – in partnership or alone – now have an extra layer of support through Centacare’s Family Outreach and Relationships Services.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is helping parties to resolve disputes, as well as make difficult decisions, such as how to co-parent children and divide property.

Education/FDR Services Manager Jeannette Fiegehen says the program provides a practical and often less-stressful and costly way to overcome issues out of court and seek advice.

It also helps couples to protect their parenting relationship and manage the impact of separation and divorce on their children.

“It’s an opportunity for a client, or clients, to identify issues, generate options and receive assistance in making their own decisions,’’ Jeannette said.

“FDR enables clients to be more in control of the outcome and promotes a more respectful end to a relationship, rather than an adversarial and conflicted one.’’

While the program is aimed at separated parents, grandparents can also seek help from FDR mediators.

“A lot of the work is with high conflict people, but sometimes one parent or one party will refuse to come to mediation and that leaves the other one not knowing what to do, and this is where FDR support can be helpful,’’ Jeannette said.

Counselling is not offered as part of the service but clients can be referred for further help and support.

“We always recommend they still get legal advice, but it’s a much less stressful process,’’ Jeannette said.

“It’s an independent and impartial process aimed at enabling both parties to isolate and resolve issues in dispute and reach their goals constructively and, where a child is affected, in the best interests of that child.’’

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