PACEtv is an online documentary series aimed at helping South Australians with Panic Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive and Eating Disorders and those that support them. It provides individuals, families and communities real life guidance, insight and hope from those who have made the journey to recovery. The series also looks at the challenges of supporting a loved one in recovery, and looks at how different individuals define recovery and strive for wellness. Each video provides insight into recovery and aims to break down the negative stigmas associated with mental illness and promote a message of hope and resilience.


We have interviewed individuals, families and professionals to create video resources that offer experiences of hope and recovery and highlight the power of lived experience. The series has been produced by the PACE team in conjunction with local Adelaide filmmakers Lemon Lighthouse Productions.


Launching with the Journey to Recovery: OCD and Journey to Recovery Panic Anxiety videos PACEtv will be releasing mini doc videos and snapshots over the course of the year, culminating in the Journey to Recovery documentary.


Through PACEtv people will be able to watch the ‘Recovery in Focus’ mini docs, go to the ‘Recovery in Action’ gallery and watch the ‘Journey to Recovery’ documentary.

Recovery in Focus

Episode 1: A Journey to Recovery: OCD


Episode 2: A Journey to Recovery: Panic Anxiety



Episode 3: A Journey to Recovery: Eating Disorders