How to name a child…

Now that all the fuss has died down after Kimye named their baby North West let’s take a moment to consider the current explosion of new and unusual names for babies. Just the other day I was introduced to 2 month old Jaloosie Batman and as my son said later “thank God AnglePark Piano is still available”!  (I say thank God he remains childless).

I am not saying that previous generations were not similarly innovative.   Who could forget Zowie Bowie and Moon Unit Zappa.  And my friend Louise claims an unmarried great aunt called Lorna Warner.

I wonder how the children manage their unusual names.  Do they have to constantly repeat them in introductions, do they have to endlessly correct spelling and pronunciation.

I had my kids in country NSW and we lived very close to an Ashram where we met lots of families.  I recall two children particularly because they were called Whizzee and Leafy Glade and were great friends with my own children.  The kids would play a game that involved cubbies made out of blankets over tables – an imaginary world where you could be anything or anyone you wanted to be.  I will always remember that Whizzee and Leafy Glade called themselves Colin and Philip respectively – at least when they were playing the game.

My mum’s advice when choosing a child’s name was “pick whatever you want –  and then shout it from the backdoor about a million times  –  if it still sounds good it was the right choice”.  I have tended to use James Thurber’s advice and keep it short and simple – although he was writing about naming dogs.  How did you choose your child’s name and have you heard some new ones?

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